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Advances in Nursing Science

Forthcoming Issue Topics

Current - January 20, 2005

The schedule of forthcoming issue topics has changed!  Manuscript Due Dates that appear in Red have changed from the original date

Issue Topic


Ms. Due Date

Physiologic Health Dynamics

Vol 28:4
December 2005


Manuscripts are sought that emphasize physiologic patterns that contribute to the dynamics of health.  Manuscripts can focus on empirical reports, theoretical development, multi-dimensional analyses, or critical synthesis of previously published reports. Implications for the development of nursing knowledge, and for nursing practice, are encouraged. April 15, 2005

Global Health

Vol 29:1
March 2006


Manuscripts are sought that emphasize the dynamics of health around the globe.  We encourage manuscripts that address any number of global health issues related to nursing and health care, including such topics as underlying philosophic and theoretic foundations for global health care, empirical reports that demonstrate global health conditions and outcomes, or models of nursing care that affect global health.    July 15, 2005

Nursing Philosophy and Ethics

Vol 29:2
June 2006

This issue of ANS will focus on scholarly works that advance nursing philosophy, including nursing ethics. Works that explore contrasting or lesser known perspectives are encouraged; works that include cultural and political dimensions are also encouraged. Manuscripts should include explicit implications for the future development of nursing knowledge and for nursing practice.   

October 15, 2005

Life Threatening Illness

Vol 29:3
September 2006

This issue of ANS will focus on the challenges of living with life threatening illness, and nursing approaches to provide care and support for patients and families.   Manuscripts can focus on research findings, newly developed theoretical perspectives, evidence supporting specific approaches to care, synthesis of literature that yields new insights, or ethical and philosophic perspectives that inform research and practice.  

January 15, 2006

Critique and Replication

Vol 29:4
December 2006

Once again we will feature an issue devoted to critique and replication of material previously published in Advances in Nursing Science. We encourage submissions of articles that challenge, update, or affirm previously published ANS articles. Manuscripts can reflect philosophic, critical, empirical or theoretical approaches that build on previously published works.

April 15, 2006