Peggy L. Chinn, RN, PhD, FAAN

Professor Emerita
University of Connecticut School of Nursing
Editor, Advances in Nursing Science
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Contents of this Page
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Research and Scholarship
Professional Activities and Service
Interests and Avocations
Educational Background
Welcome to Sophie Beatrice Chinn, born April 10, 2004

 Research and Scholarship

 Research Interests

bulletFeminist, critical, emancipatory and postmodern methodologies and theory
bulletWomen's health, particularly social and political issues
bulletArt and aesthetics
bulletNursing theory development
bulletWholistic caring/healing modalities

Activities Related to Research Interests

bulletCoordinator of the Nurse Manifest Research Study titled "An Emancipatory Study of Nursing Practice"
bulletParticipant in study coordinated by Adeline Falk Rafael titled "The Effectiveness of Feminist Pedagogy in Empowering a Community of Learners."
bulletEditor, Advances in Nursing Science
bulletConsultant related to feminist, critical, postmodern theory, group process, and publishing

Major publications

Chinn, Peggy L., Maeve, Katherine, & Bostick, Cynthia (Spring 1997). Aesthetic Inquiry and the Art of Nursing. Scholarly Inquiry for Nursing Practice. 11(2). 83-96. This is the full report of the aesthetic inquiry project that was active from 1990-1996, the purpose of which was to define the art of nursing, and to develop a method for aesthetic knowledge development. More detail on the method is provided in the new edition of Theory and Nursing: Integrated Knowledge Development (see below).

Peace and Power: Creative Leadership for Building Community (6th edition, 2004). This book has been used internationally by women's peace groups, nursing groups, hospital committees, church and community groups to guide their shift toward cooperative, egalitarian ways of working together. Available through Jones and Bartlett.

Integrated Knowledge Development in Nursing (6th edition). Co-authored with Maeona K. Kramer. Visit Mosby's web site to order this book. This edition, released in November 2003, includes chapters on each of nursing's patterns of knowing.


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Since retiring in June of 2003 I am not regularly engaged in teaching.  The following describes my teaching background and interests.

 Baccalaureate Program
A senior level theoretical foundations course (Nursing 235) that focuses on Aesthetic Knowing in Nursing. View Nursing 235 syllabus (WebCT HTML format) 

A freshman level "Introduction to Health" course that is required of all nursing majors, and open to all students in the University.  I have taught the section that is synchronous on 5 campuses, and uses WebCT for all assignments, quizzes, and communications.  View the Nursing 110 syllabus (WebCT HTML format)

Introduction to the Art of Nursing. This was an elective course (offered once) that I developed from my Aesthetic Inquiry. You can click here to view the Art of Nursing Syllabus for the Spring of 1998. Please contact me if you are interested in this approach to teaching, or in "content" related to the art of nursing.

Master's Program
Nursing Theory (Nursing 350) that explores the development of grand, mid-range and situation-specific nursing theories, nursing's fundamental patterns of knowing, and the links between advanced nursing practice and developing nursing knowledge.
Doctoral Program
Theory Development course (Nursing 414) that focuses on advanced concepts of nursing knowledge development.

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Professional Activities and Service

Consultation and presentations worldwide on doctoral curriculum development, feminism and nursing, publishing, and a number of topics related to wholistic healing modalities in nursing.  

Developed web sites for the Nurse Manifest Project. Web designer for Eastern Nursing Research Society and the University of Connecticut School of Nursing, 1997-2002.

Host of email list for Cassandra: Radical Feminist Nurses Network. The following links are for pdf files of the Cassandra Newsjournal. Watch for additional issues to be posted. You need Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or later to read these files. They are large, so be patient!

Flyer, circa 1983-84

Re-Membering Our Heritage

Cassandra Newsjournal Vol 1:1 November 1982

Cassandra Newsjournal Vol 1:2 April 1983

Cassandra Newsjournal Vol 1:3 September 1983

Cassandra Newsjournal Vol 2:1 January 1984

Cassandra Newsjournal Vol 2:2 May 1984

Cassandra Newsjournal Vol 2:3 September 1984

Cassandra Newsjournal Vol 3:1 January 1985

Cassandra Newsjournal Vol 3:2 May 1985

Cassandra Newsjournal Vol 3:3 September 1985

Cassandra Newsjournal Vol 4:1 January 1986

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Cassandra Newsjournal Vol 5:1 January 1987

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Cassandra Newsjournal Vol 6:1 January 1988

Cassandra Newsjournal Vol 6:2 May 1988

Cassandra Newsjournal Vol 6:3 September 1988

Cassandra Newsjournal Vol 7:1 January 1989

Cassandra Newsjournal Vol 7:2 May 1989

Cassandra Newsjournal Vol 7:3 December 1989





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Interests and Avocations

Quilter. Began quilting in the mid-1960's; resumed seriously in 2003.  See pictures and descriptions of my recent quilts.

Folk harper.  Since 1997 I have played the folk harp for nursing home residents and informal occasions such as receptions, parties and luncheons. I am currently studying with Sally Perreten, a master harpist who focuses on the ancient harp traditions of Ireland and Scotland. In addition to a Gaelic harp duo, she plays regularly with the Scottish group, Island Road. My repertoire includes English, Irish, Scottish, Manx, Welsh, American and Latin American folk songs and tunes. My performances for professional groups have included:

  • International Nurse Historian Association Conference, Hartford, CT, September 26, 1997 
  • Fleet Bank Annual Investor’s Celebration, Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT, December 17, 1997. 
  • St. Joseph College Graduation Reception, December, 1997 
  • Graduate Reception, University of Connecticut School of Nursing, May 17, 1998; May 16, 1999; May 21, 2000, May 20, 2001

If you are interested in recordings of harp music, information about harps, or possibly purchasing a harp, visit the Sylvia Woods Harp Center on the web.

Lead and participate in women's drumming and chanting circles, and an avid consumer of women's music and exploring healing dimensions of music. For more information about women's music, visit Ladyslipper on the Web.

Certified Massage Therapist (completed 1000 hour program at the Colorado School of Healing Arts in December, 1996).  

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Educational Background

BS in Nursing, University of Hawaii, 1964. Distinguished Alumna Award, June, 1997.

MS in Child Health Nursing, University of Utah, 1970 Distinguished Alumna Award, May, 1988

PhD in Educational Psychology, University of Utah, 1971.


This page is lovingly dedicated to Sophia, my dear companion for 13 years, who died on June 15, 1999, and to Cozie, who shared Sophia's companionship from 1990 until Sophia died,and then joined Sophia on the other side on August 23, 2003
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Sophia, So Funny, So Fine.

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