Syllabus Nursing 110

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Instructor Information


Peggy L. Chinn, RN, PhD, FAAN


Office location

Storrs Hall Rm. 201

Office hours

Monday 2-3 pm; Thursday, 12:30-2 pm




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Course Information

Course title

Introduction to Health

Course number

Nurs 110

Course discipline


Course description

An interdisciplinary course that provides an introduction to the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that influence health. Includes approaches to health promotion and disease prevention, study of leading causes of illness, injury and death in a university community, and cultural practices and beliefs about health. Examples of topics covered include: sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases, assessment of genetic history, healing practices to enhance wellness.


Telecommunication connection among campuses

Meeting day(s)

Tuesday and Thursday

Meeting time(s)

11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Course Goals

Course Goals

  1. Identify major causes of illness, injury and death.
  2. Develop self awareness of one's own life ways that influence health, including factors such as genetic history and cultural heritage.
  3. Analyze internal and external factors that influence health.
  4. Explore avenues for responsible participation in socio-political action to influence the health of communities worldwide.
  5. Understand the role of various components of the health care delivery system, including the role of various disciplines supporting health care. Develop healing practices that promote health and wellness throughout the life span.


Required reading

An Invitation to Health, Dianne Hales, Thomson/Wadsworth, 10th Ed., 2003



  1. Use WebCT for all communications. For most questions, use the discussion board (not e-mail), so that everyone can benefit from the discussion concerning your question. Send e-mail only when the issue is personal.
  2. All assignments must be submitted on WebCT.
  3. All assignments must be submitted by the due date. If an extension is given, the policy concerning credit for assignments submitted during the extension period will be announced in class.
  4. Everyone is expected to attend and participate in class. You must attend the final examination at the date, time and place announced by the University.
  5. There ordinarily will be no incomplete grades for this course. If you are not able to keep up with the course requirements, please consider withdrawing from the course and re-enrolling at a later date.
  6. Please review the UCONN student honor code. All students enrolled in courses at the University of Connecticut are expected to understand and honor this code.

Course Requirements


  1. Personal Wellness Journey. There are three parts to this requirement:

*      The Wellness Inventory (5 points),

*      The Health Change Contract (10 points), and

*      The Reflective Summary at the end of the semester (15 points).

  1. Community Resource Group Project. There are four parts to this requirement:

*      Two progress reports (10 points each for a total of 20 points)

*      The class presentation (10 points), and

*      a final report (5 points)

  1. Exams. There are two exams:

*      Midterm exam (15 points).

*      Final exam (20 points).


Grade Scale



Grades will be assigned based on the following scale:
A: 93-100
A-: 90-92.9
B+: 87-89.9
B: 83-86.9
B-: 80-82.9
C+: 77-79.9
C: 73-76.9
C-: 70-72.9
D+: 67-69.9
D: 63-66.9
D-: 60-62.9
F: 59.9 and below

Topical Outline

Topical Outline

1.                  August 29 Introduction

2.                  Sept. 3 Discussion of wellness inventory results

3.                  Sept. 5 Chapter 1: An Invitation to Health for the 21st Century

4.                  Sept. 10 Preparing your health change contract

5.                  Sept. 12 Forming groups for group projects.

6.                  Sept. 17 Chapter 2: Personal Stress Management

7.                  Sept. 19 Chapter 3: Psychological Health

8.                  Sept. 24 Chapter 4 and 5: Physical Fitness and nutrition

9.                  Sept. 26 Chapter 6:: Eating disorders

10.              Oct. 1 Discuss diet analysis results -

11.              Oct. 3 Chapter 15: Alcohol use, misuse and Abuse

12.              Oct. 8 Chapter 14 and 16 Tobacco and other drugs

13.              Oct. 10 Midterm exam date

14.              Oct. 15 Chapter 7 Relationships

15.              Oct. 17 Chapter 8 Personal Sexuality

16.              Oct. 22 Chapter 9: Reproductive choices

17.              Oct. 24 Ch 10: The health care system and Ch 19: The environment

18.              Oct 29 Chapter 11: Infectious disease

19.              Oct. 31 Chapter 12: Healthy Heart

20.              Nov. 5 Chapter 13: Lowering risk of major diseases - (W. Hartford)

21.              Nov. 7 Chapter 17: Violence

22.              Nov. 12 Chapter 18: End of Life

23.              Nov. 14 Group presentations Storrs

24.              Nov. 19 Group presentations W. Hartford

25.              Nov. 21 Group presentations - Storrs

26.              Dec. 3 Group presentations: Avery Point

27.              Dec. 5 - Group presentation Avery Point and Waterbury

28.              Dec. 10 Group Presentations - W. Hartford